Henrik Gamborg

Game Designer, Developer & Tester


My masters study group created a little fun project for a game studio called RuneRock Studio. As a part of this, we are currently developing a game in our free time. This game is called "Road to Valhalla", which is a game we developed partially during our master thesis. Click "View more projects" for a more in-depth description of the project and the option to download the game to try for yourself.


As a part of the third semester of my masters, I participated in a program called DADIU. During this program we developed two mini-games and a graduation game. More information about this project can be found in the projects page. Simply click "View more projects" below.


I dream of working in the game industry, and help create products which entertain and inspire people. Hopefully the info on this page reflects this wish. Contact me using the button below if you have any questions about me, my projects or any other inquiry you might have.